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Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list

Router Settings - Ways to get started with routers

Probably if you are reading this information then it is sure that you are using a router to get the packets that are sent to you by the server this website is hosted. So everyone using the internet will be having the router in any of the kind. If you are using the WiFi in your home then definitely you will have interacted with the router at some point of time.Since routers have become some important part of our everyday internet lifestyle we must be knowing of the ways and methods to operate the routers. Here we have shared some of the tips to open the settings page of the router and change the settings according to your needs. Read below to learn more about it.

Why learning about routers are important?

  • Knowing completely about your router settings panel will help you gain advantage over your router by improving the features and optimizing the speed of the router.
  • You can control how many devices can be connected to the internet.
  • By strengthening the security you can prevent leaking of your personal data over the internet and protect the network.
  • Not only computer nerds needs this lesson but also all the people who love to understand their router functionalities and capabilities can also learn them.

The below topics will cover the complete functionalities of the router.

  1. Login to a router by admin credentials.
  2. Changing the router credentials ( Login information )
  3. Changing the default IP gateway address
  4. Creating Guest Wi-Fi
  5. Ways to set up / change Wi-Fi password
  6. Parental controls
  7. Check the devices connected to the network

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Login to a router by admin credentials:

To login to a router you need to have the admin credentials. If you have brought a new router then you will get a default admin credentials. It may be printed outside the router box or it will be inside the router manual that is given along with the router. Each of the router brand will have different IP gateway address. So you need to find the router IP address that is associated with the brand. It will be printed on the side of the router. Once you find the router IP address then try the below method to login.

  1. Go to your favorite browser and in the address bar type the ip address or the IP address that is corresponded with your router brand.
  2. Make sure you are not typing that in Google because it will lead you only to a set of results and not the router admin panel / settings panel.

If you are unable to login to the router settings page by using the IP address then please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to start in windows.
  2. From there go to Settings.
  3. From Settings -> Network & Internet
  4. There you can see the Network Properties.
  5. Now here there is a box that says Default gateway.
  6. The IP number next to it is the Router IP address.
  7. Now copy that IP address and paste it in the browser search box. Now the router admin settings page will be loaded. You can now see a login page or the welcome page.

After following the above steps you will get the settings page. For the security purpose the page can't be accessed without a router username and password. That is, router admin username and password. As I told earlier the default username and password can be found on the back side of the router.

If all the above methods fail then we kindly recommend you to restart the router by long pressing the reset present. Now you should get the settings page.

Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list

Changing the default router password:

whenever you login to a new router as admin, the first ever thing you need to do is to change the default password of the router as soon as possible. Because using the default username and password as your admin credentials may become a security threat to your local network. Since the default credentials are many times common for the brands the attack will definitely start to hack with the default admin credentials. So it's better to change the password as soon as you login.

Steps to change the default credentials on the router:

  1. Type in your default IP address on the browser or find out your default IP gateway
  2. Login to the system with your admin credentials.
  3. After opening the settings page you may see the option to change the admin password.
  4. It will ask for old password and your choice for new password. Use alpha numeric passwords for best protection.
  5. After that the router will get restarted and now it will be active with your new password.

Finding the list of devices attached to your network:

If your internet speed is slowing down frequently without you even downloading any heavier files then they might be some reason that someone is using your Wi-Fi or network connection without you even knowing. So it is always best to know how to look at the list of devices that are connected to the router at the given second or the history of devices that have been connected to your network. Here we show you how to find the list of devices that are connected to the network.

  1. Using your admin credentials logon to your router. If you are using the default credentials then we strongly suggest you to change it.
  2. Once you get logged in then you may find the options such as Connected devices or the Attached devices etc.
  3. Now you can get the list of devices that are connected to the network.
  4. Now if you feel that many devices are getting connected to the network without your permission then you can always limit the number of devices that can be connected to the router.
  5. Simply you can change the password so that they don't connect anymore.
  6. Even you can ban their MAC address so that they could not get connected to this router again.

Parental control settings:

Using the settings in the router you can even set controls for your kids. You can filter the sites that your kids are not allowed to see. Also not only filtering the sites but also you can monitor what kind of activities your kids are doing in the online so as to stop from doing any kind of dangerous / unwanted things online. All these setup can be done using the router settings by logging in as admin.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

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