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Ways to Increase Internet Speed

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How to Increase Internet Speed? Most of the people faces, this type of problem. You are playing big amount for internet, but still the internet speed is less means it create a big problem. Such as, you have to send an important document to your client, in that time internet is down means, it brings million dollars lost to your company. So this page, we going to see problems in internet and how to fix it in simple and easy way.

1. You have now the current Internet Speed of your Device:

Speed test by Ookla is a popular web-based internet speed test application. That lets you test your internet connection bandwidth around the location.
  1. Enter the Url:
  2.  Before start the speed test close all downloads and streaming process of your device. Do not open it again until speed test is finished.
  3. Click the GO button.
  4. After speed test is finished you can see the internet speed of your device and you can save the result.
  5. Do this more than two times, to figure out what is actual problem. Do this speed test in regular interval of time.

2. Place the router in good location:

Based on the location, the Wi-Fi signal of router is strong. So that internet speed is high. Check that router signal covers your whole room or house. Don’t place the router in closed circle and near to electromagnetic emitting device such as Bluetooth or micro woven. Keep router in viewing place

3. Reduce using of Bandwidth hogs:

Banding hogs is an application, which connect to internet automatically and start updating or steaming process. It takes large amount of data. So change those application settings before doing anything, it should ask you permission.

4. Hardware Troubleshooting:

For every model of routers, there is a guide in google to troubleshoot it. Just flow that simple steps, based on your router model. Sometime internet is connected to wired device, but not wireless device. For this type of problem, you definitely need google. Most common troubleshoot method is turning ON & OFF of router switch. Most of the internet speed problem is solved in this.

5. Change the DNS Server:

Domain Name System (DNS) is what converts domain names into IP addresses. And the best way to change your DNS is by adjusting router's settings. This automatically makes any devices joining your Wi-Fi network use the new DNS without having to go in and configure each device individually. Such as Google Public DNS, open DNS which provide free DNS services worldwide.

6. Ask help from ISP:

Finally, Internet Service provider (ISP) comes. After doing those thing, still internet is slow means, you have to call or rise a complaint to your ISP person. Because, this is rise in their side.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

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