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Router brands that are using as IP address and their details are discussed here.

There are two ways to access the admin panel of a router. One is typing their default gateway IP address on the address bar of a browser and hit go. Else you can click the button below. [It works only if your router's default IP address is]

Detected IP Address:
X Forward:
* We never store your IP address no matter what. We have displayed it to you just for your kind reference.
Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list Router Login - Login Admin

How to login to

Step1: Connect router with cable to your computer or use wireless connection. Double-check the device that you wish work on is connected to the Wi-Fi. Note: Default login Username & Password, IP address is printed in back side of your router. Step2: Open web browser and type the router's IP address in the address bar. Step3: It's time to enter the default username and password of your router by accessing the admin panel. Note: If none of the above are successful, type your router’s name into your browser to locate the default login username and password you need.


  • Check the Cable Connection.
  • Check if the Ethernet Cable is properly connected between your router and the device, before opening router's administrative console.

Verify the IP Address:

Make sure that your IP address is correct and entered correctly. To know your current IP address, use this link how to find your router's IP address.

Reboot the Router:

Try hard resetting your router login. To do this, press and hold the small black button found at the back your router for around 30 seconds. This will reset your router to the factory settings.

Update Your Router:

Check regularly, if there are any new router updates available for download. Immediately start updating. New features may added to that router.

Call Your Internet Service Provider:

If you are still having problems with your router, then you should definitely give call to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They provide you all the answers that you need to resolve the issue from the comfort of your home.

Accessing IP Address:

To access your router administrative console, you need to know what the router's default IP address. However, you can easily find out what your router's IP address is by using your computer. Windows Device:
  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Open RUN and type ''command prompt'' & press Enter.
  3. Type ''ipconfig'' into the Command Prompt window and press Enter.
  4. There you can see your default IP address.
iOS Device:
  1. Go to the System Preferences on the Apple menu screen
  2. Click on the Network icon
  3. Click on the Advanced options
  4. Then you need to look for the TCP/IP tab. This tab will tell you what your router's IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

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