How to change your IP address?

Some simple ways to change your router IP address

Default gateway IP address differs with brands. Default IP address list

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IP address is used to identify or connect your device to internet. So that you can browse and share your information in social media. An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

Reason for changing IP address:

  • Reconfiguration of IP address, you need to reconfigure it.
  • Additions of routers to your work place, resulted in reconfiguration IP range.
  • Non-functioning of router in corporate network. You need to reconfigure it.
  • By mistake you configure two or more routers with same IP address. You have to reconfigure those routers.
  • Some sites are blocked by your government, to access those site you need to change your IP address.
  • Ethical hackers must change their IP address regularly, to secure their privacy and escape from government.
  • Cyber-crime, FBI, defiance security department’s change their IP address regularly for security propose.
  • When you connect your device with Wi-Fi network for accessing internet. Every time it generate new IP address for device connected to it. For increase in speed of usage.

Methods to Change IP Address:

  1. Manually change IP address
  2. Automatically change IP address
  3. Use a VPN or Proxy Server to change IP address

Manually change IP address:

Change of IP address in work place is common to access a private network. Based on their Plate Form this is done.
  • Changing IP address of Mac:
Step 1: Select System Preferences. Step 2: Choose Network to be connected. Step 3: Select an active network interface from the sidebar. Step 4: Note your current IP address so you can make an informed change. Step 5: Click the Advanced button. Step 6: Select TCP/IP. Step 7: Select manually from the Configure IPv4 menu. Step 8: Enter a static IP address in the IPv4 Address field. Step 9: Click OK and then click Apply.
  • Changing IP address of Windows:
Based on your Window version it may defer. Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel. Step 2: Click on the Connections link. Step 3: Click on the properties tab of the window that opens. Step 4: Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4). Step 5: Choose Use the following IP address and fill in the IP address. Step 6: Select Use the following DNS server and enter the appropriate address. Step 7: Check the Validate settings upon exit box and click OK. Step 8: Your PC automatically runs network diagnostics and verifies your connection.

Automatically change IP address

Simple way to change your IP address, by turn OFF your router. It required 10 mins or whole night to change your router IP address. Basically ISP provide you an IP address. It randomly changes when router is in off line. To maximal their users to access high speed internet and control traffic. Based on your device location, IP address change. For example, you take your PC with you to mall and connect to Free Wi-Fi. Now your IP address change.

Use a VPN or Proxy Server to change IP address:

To prevent your privacy and secure your device & location details, this VPN or Proxy Server take place. Mashing your IP address, helps to untrack your system & location. Because IP address shown to other device is not your IP address. A VPN service works in a similar way but offers more options than directly connecting to a proxy server. VPN services have servers located in multiple locations throughout the world. After you connect to the VPN server, your private IP address is masked and any further online activities will only display the VPN server’s address. Free VPN services are available, but if you need more privacy go for payment services of VPN. Because it offers more security. The quality paid VPNs that you can choose from include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Every router brand will definitely have a default IP address. You need to get that IP address and paste it in the browser address bar to open the router settings page.
To access the settings page of the router we need to have the admin credentials for it. You can find it at the back of the router.
First of all you have to login to the router settings page. If you have the admin credentials login to the router settings pagae and change the Wi-Fi crdentials.
You can get your Wi-Fi password in the router settings page. There will be a button to unhide the previous password given. Click on the unhide button to reveal the password.
Like the above answer you need to login to the router settings page to change your username and password.
Your Wi-Fi password can be found at the router settings page. You can view it by opening the settings page using the admin credentials.

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